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Why We Work with Local Independent Insurance Agents

There’s a reason Grange Insurance Agency works exclusively with local independent insurance agents: we think it offers the best value for our clients. In todays’ blog, we discuss what an independent insurance agent is, how they differ from a captive agent, and the advantages of working with them to meet your insurance needs.

What is an Independent Insurance Agent?

An independent insurance agent is someone who represents multiple insurance carriers to bring you everything from Home and Auto insurance to life insurance and retirement products.

Independent Insurance Agent vs. Captive Agent

While independent insurance agents can sell insurance from a wide variety of carriers, captive agents are only able to sell policies from their individual company.

The Advantages of Working with Local Independent Insurance Agents

More Options

When you work with a captive agent, you’re only seeing coverage options from one specific company, which means you could be missing out on policies that better fit your unique needs. Local independent insurance agents can help you find the best option from many providers, not the best option one company can offer.

Better Deals

Since local independent insurance agents aren’t tied to one company, they can help you compare a variety of prices for the same type of policy so you can get the best deal for the coverage you need.

More Consistency

People have a diverse range of insurance needs, including everything from Condo and Umbrella insurance to RV and Farm insurance. While captive agents are limited by the policy types their company offers, local independent insurance agents can help you meet every one of your insurance needs, even if you decide to change carriers.

Unbiased Advice

When you work with an independent insurance agent, their priority is helping you find the exact right coverage for you, not trying to meet a sales quota. Plus, their experience working with a wide range of people means they’ve seen firsthand what to expect from different carriers so they can provide well-informed, personalized advice.

A Local Touch

Because local independent insurance agents live in the areas they serve, they understand the unique risks associated with the area and can help you avoid costly insurance gaps. They’re also more likely to work with small to mid-size insurance companies, including mutually owned, regional providers like Grange Insurance Association, so you know you won’t fall through the cracks.

Now that you understand the advantages of working with this type of agent, you’re probably wondering how to find an independent insurance agent you can trust. Grange Insurance Association carefully vets our potential agency partners to make sure they have what it takes to provide the customer service you deserve. Simply go to our independent agent page, put in your zip code, and find an agent near you. In the meantime, check out our insurance blog where we cover everything from what to do if you get in a car accident to our Homeowners insurance guide for first time home buyers.

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