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What To Do If You Get in a Car Accident

Do you know what to do if you get in a car accident? In today’s blog, the experts at Grange Insurance Association cover everything you need to know so you won’t have to do a Google search from the side of the road.

Find a Safe Place to Stop Your Vehicle

Car Accident Safety

Do not leave the scene of the accident. If possible, you’ll want to pull your car into a nearby parking lot or to the side of the road, out of the way of oncoming traffic. Before you get out of the car, make sure you feel safe doing so. If, for example, the crash was caused by an incident of road rage, you’ll want to take extra precautions when talking to the other driver. You’ll also want to turn on your flashers and/or set up flares for added visibility, especially at nighttime.

Check for Injuries & Contact Authorities

What to Do If You Get in a Car Accident

Once you’re out of further danger, you’ll want to immediately check yourself and others for injuries. If anyone is injured, call 911 before taking any other action. If it’s a serious accident, you’ll want to contact the police so they can file a police report. If they can’t come to the scene, be sure to file an accident report (either online or at the police station) at your earliest convenience.

Assess & Document the Damage

Document Damage in Car Accident

Once you know that everyone is okay, you’ll want to check your vehicle for damage. If you have a camera phone, take a few photographs of the damage so you’ll have them during the claims process.

Collect & Exchange Information

What Info to Exchange After Car Accident

Be sure to get the names and contact information of everyone involved in the crash. This should include the other driver(s), passenger(s), and any other witness(es) to the crash. You’ll also want to exchange license, car registration, and insurance information with any other drivers. The more information the better, so be sure to include the time, the location, any weather conditions, and what happened to cause the crash. While smartphones are great for notating this information, it’s also a good idea to carry pen and paper in your car as backup.

Start the Claims Process

You’ll want to contact your Auto insurance provider as soon as possible after the accident, as it will get harder and harder to remember details as time goes on. If you’re filing a claim with Grange Insurance Association, you can quickly and easily use the MyGrange app to get started.

Now that you know what do if you get in a car accident, make sure you don’t get caught without Auto insurance. Grange Insurance Association offers compassionate claims service when you need it most. In the meantime, check out our insurance blog, where we cover everything from what you need to know about car theft to how long you have to add a new car to your policy.

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