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The Importance of Farm Fencing for Livestock

Proper farm fencing can be expensive, especially if you own a large farm, but it can also protect your livestock and prevent costly Farm insurance claims. In today’s blog, the insurance experts at Grange Insurance Association discuss the importance of farm fencing for livestock.

Preventing Livestock & Vehicle Collisions

Did you know that you could face a liability risk if your livestock get onto public roadways and cause an accident? Farm animals like cattle tend to be large and can cause expensive damage and even serious injury in the event that they cause a car accident. That’s one reason why building and maintaining livestock fencing is so important.

Clearly Marking Boundaries

In rural areas, it can be difficult to determine where one’s property begins and another ends. That’s where farm fencing comes in. By building a farm fence around your land, you’re clearly marking the borders of your property. This can help prevent disputes that arise when boundaries are unclear. A next-door neighbor, for example, is less likely to accidentally trespass onto your land to cut down trees if the borders of your property are clearly marked.

Disease Control

Farm fencing doesn’t just protect you and your property, it can also protect your livestock. Fenced animals can be easily herded, and if you notice a sick animal, you can quickly isolate them from the herd. This can prevent the disease from spreading to your other animals, which can be financially devastating.

Property Protection

Proper farm fencing can protect your property from damage by both humans and animals. Not only do farm fences keep animals on your property and away from danger, but they can also keep them away from areas they could harm. Plus, farm fencing means your livestock is less likely to be stolen or exposed to potentially dangerous wildlife.

Now that you understand the importance of farm fencing, it’s time to make sure you have all of the Farm and Ranch insurance you need to protect your livelihood. Contact an independent insurance agent today to design your personalized Farm and Ranch policy. In the meantime, check out our insurance blog where we cover everything from ways to support local farmers to what you may not know about livestock coverage.

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