Orchard & Vineyard Insurance

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Our FarmPak insurance is a fully customizable package which allows orchard and vineyard owners to get the most out of their insurance from a company that understands your life’s work isn’t just another business—it’s your legacy.


Our orchard and vineyard insurance serves hardworking farmers throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Colorado, and Wyoming. We can build an insurance policy to cover structures, personal, and farm property to fit your needs.

Our policy offers coverage for physical structures such as your:

  • Dwellings
  • Outbuildings
  • Farm Buildings

In addition to your household contents, your farm property is also protected. Items listed below are all covered by FarmPak:

  • Farm equipment
  • Farm supplies
  • Harvested farm products and
  • Farm animal stock


Our claims adjusters are very knowledgeable and backed by years of industry experience. In the event you should ever have a claim, our staff will work with you to assist you through the process and keep you abreast of updates as they happen until the claim is resolved. 

Orchard & Vineyard Coverage

Liability for Farm or Commercial Auto

Liability protection is especially important for orchards, vineyards, and other agribusinesses due to the increased operational risk. We also offer the following liability terms in our FarmPak policy for your orchards, vineyards, and commercial auto:

  • Personal liability for your family and Commercial for your Farm business
  • Up to limits of $1,000,000 occurrence liability
  • Farm Commercial Excess covers higher liability limits up to $5,000,000 over FarmPak and Farm Commercial Auto

Additional Coverages

Vineyards and orchards have special considerations as well, so we also offer a wide spectrum of services including:

  • Spoilage coverage for perishable farm property
  • Loss of refrigeration
  • Breakdown
  • Contamination, and
  • Public power outage

Grange Insurance Association also offers Extra Expense coverage that would provide additional funds to continue your operation if you suffer a loss. These two types of Extra Expense offered by GIA include:

  • Machinery Extra Expense which provides additional coverage to rent machinery if your equipment is involved in a covered loss and you need continue your operation.
  • Policy Extra Expense that provides additional coverage in the event of any covered loss in which you incur temporary expenses to continue your operations.

Interested in learning more about Grange Insurance Association’s orchard and vineyard insurance?  Use our easy to navigate Find an Agent feature.  Enter your zip code and under the “Insurance Type” drop down select “Commercial” to view a list of insurance agents close to you.  

Get in touch today with an independent agent in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Colorado, or Wyoming that is experienced in writing orchard and vineyard insurance, and start protecting your life’s work from the unexpected. 


“I have worked with many types of companies during my career. Only a handful has met my criteria for excellent service. Your company is one of these.”
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