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Vacations & Long Hauls: The Importance of RV Insurance

Heading on a vacation this summer? Your RV allows you to hit the open road without sacrificing the comforts of home. But just like your car and your home, it's important to make sure your recreational vehicle has the appropriate insurance coverage to keep you, your family, and your property safe this summer. To help you determine what type and amount of RV coverage is right for you, our insurance experts review the basics of RV insurance.

Car Insurance vs. RV Insurance

If you already own car insurance and home insurance, you may wonder why RV coverage is needed. Many RV models are much larger than a car and contain the features you would typically find in a home, so they require coverage that reflects that. As a rule of thumb, small trailers and campers that can be towed by a pickup truck are often covered under a standard auto insurance policy. However, if your RV is larger or motorized, you will likely need a dedicated RV policy. Contact your local independent agent to learn more about whether auto insurance or RV insurance will work best for your recreational vehicle.

Why Do I Need RV Insurance?

If you own an RV or are thinking of purchasing one, you may wonder why you need RV insurance to begin with. Here are a few reasons why it is important to have specialized RV coverage for your motorhome:

  • RV Insurance is Required by State Law – All states require a minimum amount of liability insurance coverage.
  • Your RV is an Investment – Many RV-owners spend as much on their RV as they would on a car or home. Purchasing RV insurance for your vehicle allows you to ensure that your investment is properly protected.
  • Liability Coverage for Your Campsite – If one of your guests is injured in or around your RV, you could be liable. RV coverage provides you with protection in these types of situations.

Recreational vs. Full-Time RV Insurance

Whether you use your RV for vacations or full-time, it’s important to make sure you have the proper insurance coverage. To help you determine which type of RV insurance policy will work best for you, we discuss the difference between recreational and full-timer RV insurance coverage.

Recreational RV Insurance

If you only use your RV for occasional trips, you will need less insurance coverage than someone that lives in their RV full-time. In fact, many RV policies take into account the fact that the vehicle is only being used for vacations and road trips. If you start using your RV more frequently, you will want to check with your insurance agent to see if your current coverage still fits your use.

Full-Timer RV Insurance

If you live in your RV for the majority of the year, we recommend that you consider specialty RV coverage that’s specifically created for full-timers. These types of policies typically have more liability coverage, which accounts for the additional time you are spending in your vehicle. Standard RV insurance may not cover accessories outside of your vehicle, such as an awning or satellite dish. If you live in your RV or use it frequently, you may want to consider investing in accessories coverage with a motorhome specific insurance carrier.

No matter how you use your RV, make sure you’re protecting your investment with RV insurance. Interested in finding the right RV coverage for you? Use our Find an Agent tool to locate experienced agents right where you live.

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