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Umbrella Insurance: An Extra Layer of Protection for Personal Insurance Policies

Expect the unexpected.

We have all heard those three words before, but at Grange Insurance Association, we believe it is a mantra that should be taken to heart. Life throws us curveballs, and it’s important to feel secure when these unanticipated events happen.

Umbrella insurance offers that extra level of protection. This policy provides additional coverage for lawsuits or claims that exceed liability limits on your insurance. Umbrella coverage can be applied to home, auto, or boat insurance, making it a smart choice for virtually every policyholder. Lawsuits or claims often get exorbitantly expensive, and unless you are protected with umbrella insurance, those extra costs will have to come out of your own budget.

Picture this: You get into a car accident, and the other driver gets injured. She sues you for $500,000, but your personal liability insurance only covers $250,000. Without umbrella coverage, your assets will be compromised in order to pay the remainder of the damages. That additional $250,000 will have to come from somewhere - your income, savings, retirement or college fund. However, with umbrella insurance, the additional costs will be covered without causing you financial strain. This protective measure does not just provide peace of mind, it also offers financial security for those unexpected events.

Umbrella insurance provides protection from losses that result from bodily injury or property damage. It also covers claims that might not be covered by your personal insurance, such as false arrest, character defamation, mental anguish, libel, or slander. Available in coverage increments of $1 million for up to $5 million additional liability protection, umbrella coverage is a low-cost investment for a financially secure future.

Think ahead and protect yourself from the unexpected. Speak with a Grange Insurance representative today to get that extra level of security from your umbrella insurance. Life is too short to worry about “what-if’s.” Invest in a secure future with umbrella coverage today.

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