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Surprising Things Homeowners Insurance Covers: Summer Edition

While you probably know that you’re covered from house fires and burst pipes, you might not realize some of the lesser-known coverages in your Homeowners insurance policy. While every policy is different, we wanted to highlight some of the most surprising things some Homeowners insurance policies cover.

Off-Premises Dog Bites

You may be covered for your liability if your dog bites someone—even if the dog is not on your property when it happens. Keep in mind that some insurance companies do not cover certain breeds and that dog bite coverage only extends to whatever liability limits are in place.

Landscaping Damage

Landscaping Coverage

We’re often asked: does homeowners insurance cover landscaping damage? Landscaping is considered personal property, and as such, landscaping damage is often covered by your Homeowners insurance policy, assuming the damage is caused by a covered peril. If, for example, a tree is damaged by lightning, your insurance company may reimburse you for the tree or cover the cost of removal, depending on your policy. That said, landscaping is treated differently than other types of property damage and likely has lower insurance limits equaling a percentage of your total policy.

Lost Luggage

Luggage Insurance

If you’re traveling and the airline loses your luggage, you may be covered under your Homeowners, Condo, or Renters insurance. That said, you’ll want to consider the value of what you lost and weigh it against your deductible before reaching out to an agent.

Golf Ball Injuries & Damage

Golf Insurance | Surprising Homeowners Insurance

Who is responsible for golf ball damage? If you live on or near a golf course, you may already know that your Home insurance will likely cover your liability for any broken windows, roof damage, or exterior wall damage that results from being hit by golf balls. But did you know that if you’re playing golf and hit someone or something with an errant golf ball or flying club head that your Homeowners insurance, Condo insurance, or Renters insurance will likely cover the cost of injury or property damage, up to your coverage limits?

Backyard Trampolines

While backyard trampoline coverage can vary by state and insurance company, they can be included in your Homeowners insurance policy, assuming you’ve listed it on your policy. Keep in mind that some companies may exclude trampolines from your coverage or even prevent you from renewing your policy if you add a trampoline to your property. If you’re considering a trampoline, it’s a good idea to consult your insurance agent first.

Have additional questions about what’s covered by Homeowners insurance? Grange Insurance Association has you covered. Contact an independent insurance agent to learn more about your coverage options in California, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. In the meantime, check out our Insurance Blog, where we discuss everything from scheduled vs. unscheduled personal property coverage to home insurance while renovating.

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