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Farm and Ranch Insurance

Specialized Farm and Ranch Insurance Packages

Historically, Grange Insurance Association was founded with farm and ranch insurance and our company’s roots are well established in traditional agricultural values. Today, we cover a wide range of farming operations and provide flexibility for varying stages of insurance coverage.

Each farm or ranch presents unique risks that require specific coverages. Whether you have a small hobby farm, raise crops, raise livestock or run a large multi faceted farming operation, our policies offer security and peace of mind for your farming and personal assets.

In addition to insurance protection for your dwelling, appurtenant structures, farm buildings, machinery, equipment and liability, we offer endorsements tailored to your individual needs.

Where should you start when selecting the package that’s best for you? Considering the following areas will help you design the farm package that suits your needs:

· In addition to your residence, some of your largest physical assets are farm buildings such as barns, parlors, implement sheds, granaries, shops and storage. When insurance is added for farm structures, this coverage helps pay for the accidental loss of property used for farming purposes due to a number of perils including fire, wind and hail.

· Machinery and Equipment are essential to your livelihood and in the event of a covered occurrence, we value the importance of your need to resume your normal farming operations. When insurance is added for machinery or equipment, this coverage pays for physical damage in the event of an accidental covered loss to your machinery or equipment. Also, ask about Extra Expense coverage for Scheduled Machinery for expedited parts, repair or substitute machinery to complete your cultivation without interruption.

· Farming and Personal Liability is included in your Farm policy coverages. Farmers are subject to a much higher risk of liability than other property owners because you have to consider the increased liability associated with running an agricultural business.
This coverage protects you when you become legally obligated to pay for bodily injury damages, property damage to another person’s property, medical payments for on premise accidents, advertising injury and farm pollution as a result of a covered accident or occurrence.

· Livestock Collision Coverage is included under our Farm policy and can protect your livestock if they are struck by a third party operating a vehicle. We also offer an optional endorsement for added livestock coverage to insure your farm against the financial losses that could occur if your animals are destroyed as a result of a covered loss.

· Farm Auto Insurance is available to cover a combination of personal use vehicles, farm use vehicles and trailers. Whether your vehicles are used for work, school, pleasure or farm, we can insure all of the vehicles and trailers under one policy. It can be a premium advantage when combining all types of vehicles under one policy.

· Excess Liability Insurance is an important product available to provide additional liability coverage over the Farm and Auto policy coverage. Excess Coverage, also known as “Following Form” refers to the fact that the Excess liability follows the underlying primary policies. Think of it as just increasing the liability coverage limit.

These are just some examples of coverage products offered by Grange Insurance Association. Please contact one of our Independent Grange appointed sales professionals to discuss your needs and design an insurance policy suitable to your Agribusiness that will protect your most valuable assets.

The content available via is for informational purposes only and may not be used for any other purpose. Content provided or expressed on, including that of third parties, may not reflect Grange Insurance Association’s (GIA) policies or conform to any agreement you may have with GIA and its subsidiary companies. Please contact a licensed insurance agent to obtain particular advice.

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