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Interview Series: Commonly Asked Questions from Our Farm Agents

Choosing insurance for your farm is about more than choosing a name on a list—it’s about the personal connection you can have with your agent. Because Grange Insurance Association (GIA) works only with independent agents, you can be assured GIA is recommended to you from an unbiased source committed to protecting what matters most to you. Although all farms are different, we’ve reached out to our valued independent agents to discover which questions farm insurance policyholders ask the most.

1. When working with a potential policyholder, how do you know what to recommend?
You need to really visit the site of the farm and ranch. This will give you a better idea of the needs and overall operation and will also establish a better relationship with the customer.

Casey Haden
Libke Insurance Associates, Inc

2. When do you review coverage with your clients?
We like to review our farm policies every time our customer makes a change to their policy. If no changes are made during a policy period, we like to review their policy at renewal. Without reviewing an insurance policy, customers may often forget to insure new buildings or equipment and notify agents of changes in their operations.

Kristi Roots
Kristi Roots Insurance

3. What are the most common questions farm/ranch owners have about insurance coverage?
Most farm clients already understand that liability is their biggest concern to protect their assets and they appreciate an agent that understands their industry and the specific equipment they use. All clients are looking for the best coverage at the lowest possible cost but it is my job to help them understand that it is more about the value. In other words, you get what you pay for come claim time.

Michael Holwegner
Holwegner Insurance Agency

All our policies are tailored to meet our policyholders’ specific needs. If you’re still not sure what to look for when choosing insurance for your dairy—stay tuned for more questions and answers in our ongoing Interview Series.

Is it time to review your policy? Reach out to us today to protect your legacy.

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