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How to Prevent Package Theft All Year Long

Whether you’re still trying to limit your risk of catching COVID-19 or you just love browsing for gifts online, it’s hard to beat the convenience of online shopping. But with that convenience comes some risk. Here’s to how to prevent package theft all year long!

Arrange Deliveries Around Your Schedule

Are you at home and able to quickly bring in packages a few days a week? It may be easier than you think to schedule your deliveries to arrive when you’re able to retrieve them. Apps like FedEx Delivery Manager® and UPS My Choice® aren’t free, but they do allow you to delay or re-route packages to avoid potential porch pirates.

Send Your Packages to a Secure Location

Wondering how to prevent package theft when you’re too busy to reasonably schedule your packages at home? It may make sense to send your more expensive items to a secure location. In fact, FedEx allows you to pick up packages from nearby Walgreens, while Amazon Hub features special lockers and locations where you can send packages. You might even consider sending packages straight to your office where there will always be someone to receive them. Just make sure there are no policies against it before you click “purchase.”

Provide Delivery Instructions

Have you ever noticed the box that asks for “delivery instructions” when ordering something online? One of our favorite package theft prevention tips is to notate where the delivery person should place your package when its delivered. If, for example, you have a large column or a bulky chair on your porch, you can request they place the item behind these obstructions, making the packages harder to see from the road. If it’s easily accessible, you can even request they place items on your back porch.

Invest in a Video Doorbell or Security Cameras

It’s no secret that security cameras can deter burglars and prevent package theft. While video doorbells and security cameras aren’t cheap, if you’re ordering expensive items throughout the year, it may be the financially responsible decision. Just remember, while these items may deter porch pirates, they aren’t a guarantee that your items won’t be stolen.

Choose Curbside or In-Store Pickup

Looking for package theft solutions that eliminate the risk entirely? Many major retailers let you skip delivery altogether by offering curbside or in-store pickup on online orders. That way, you can pick up the items at your own convenience rather than relying on delivery and risking potential package theft. When you’re checking out, simply look for the in-store pickup option. As long as the item is in stock, you can usually arrange pickup for the same day.

In addition to learning how to prevent package theft, our helpful blog covers everything from how to winterize your home and car to surprising things Homeowners insurance covers. You can also contact an independent insurance agent to learn more about our robust insurance offerings.

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