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How to Insure Your Vineyard or Orchard

Whether you own a fruit orchard, a nut orchard, a seed orchard, or a vineyard, insuring your agribusiness can help protect you from a wide range of expensive issues. In today’s blog, the insurance experts at Grange Insurance Association discuss how to insure your vineyard or orchard for ultimate protection.

Determine What You Need Covered

Every farm is different, but generally speaking, you’ll want to make sure you have coverage for any physical structures, personal property, farm property, and any trees or vines used for commercial production. While Grange Insurance Association offers bundled endorsements for your convenience, we’ve broken down the types of coverages you’ll want to consider for your policy.

Physical Structures

Farm Property Coverage

When choosing your Vineyard or Orchard insurance, you’ll want to make sure to include all the physical structures on your property, including dwellings, outbuildings, and farm buildings.

Personal Property

Personal Property Farm Insurance

If you live on your farm, you can add or increase coverage for items like jewelry, furs, firearms, watercrafts, and trailers, just like a Homeowners policy.

Farm Property

Farm Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Orchard or Vineyard insurance can cover a variety of your farm property, including farm equipment, harvested farm products, and livestock. Harvested crops and farm property in transit coverage may also be included.

Trees & Vines

Branch & Vine Coverage | Vineyard Insurance & Orchard Insurance

When you’re insuring a vineyard or orchard, vines and trees are your most important asset. That’s why it’s important to make sure any tree or vine used in commercial production is covered from things like fire, lightning, vandalism, or vehicle damage, whichare not typically covered by Crop Insurance.

Liability Protection

Wine Bottles | Vineyard Insurance

Because of the increased operational risk of vineyards and orchards, liability protection is especially important. In addition to personal liability and commercial liability, you’ll also likely want occurrence liability insurance. Your farm liability coverage does not include liquor liability, but it may contain some minimal amount of business pursuits coverage. It’s important to determine if there is any non-farming exposure.

Peak Season Coverage

Peak Season Coverage | Vineyard & Orchard Insurance

If your inventory increases during a peak season or your revenue increases during certain times of year, it might make sense to purchase peak season coverage, which automatically increases or decreases farm property coverage throughout the year. This saves you money by not charging for higher limits when you don’t need them.

Additional Coverages

Orchard Insurance | Apples

From spoilage coverage and loss of refrigeration to contamination and public power outage, there are some special considerations you’ll want to consider when choosing your Orchard and Vineyard insurance.

Determine Coverage Amounts

Different Farm insurance policies and bundles will have different coverage amounts, so you’ll want to make sure your limits provide adequate coverage for your specific needs.

Contact an independent agent to determine your coverage needs and receive your Orchard or Vineyard insurance quote! In the meantime check out the Grange Insurance Association blog where we cover everything from how to create a sustainable farm business to 7 things you might know about Farm insurance.

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