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Housekeeping Tips to Try While Working from Home

While many of us are working from home to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, you might be wondering how to keep up with all of your housekeeping duties while also working full-time, homeschooling your children, or some combination of the two. These housekeeping tips are great for anyone having trouble balancing it all while working from home.

Housekeeping Tip #1: Pick a Daily Theme

The reality is that there are only so many hours a day, and if you’re trying to balance several important tasks, some things are bound to fall between the cracks. That’s why we recommend choosing a daily housekeeping theme rather than coming up with a lengthy to-do list. Whether the theme is laundry, clutter, or the kitchen, focus all your housekeeping attention on that item. If, for example, you choose clutter, you can make it your goal to use any breaks in your day to tackle the piles that have been accumulating around your house.

Housekeeping Tip #2: Don’t Forget the Great Outdoors

With so much of our time being relegated to the indoors, outdoor housekeeping duties can seem less monotonous and can give you a much needed break from being cooped up inside. Use some time around lunchtime or before the sun goes down to clean the gutters, rake the yard, weed the garden, clean the car, or cut the grass. Not only will you tackle some much needed items on your to-do list, but you’ll also get to soak up some Vitamin D, feel the fresh air, and get your body moving.

Housekeeping Tip #3: Take Advantage of Small Chunks of Time

While it may feel like your days are completely jam-packed with responsibilities, you might have more small chunks of time at your disposal than you might think. Rather than waiting until you have time to clean the whole kitchen, try taking advantage of the five minutes before your next meeting or the few minutes it takes your coffee to brew to wipe down the windows or sweep the floor.

Housekeeping Tip #4: Start that Garden

Gardening is a great activity for our current times. Not only does it get you outside and communing with nature, but you can even grow vegetables and herbs to eat or flowers to brighten your living room. Who knows? It may even be the right time to consider starting your own hobby farm to make some extra money on the side.

Housekeeping Tip #5: Follow the One-Minute Rule

One of our best housekeeping tips is to follow the one minute rule: if something takes less than one minute, don’t put it off. If, for example, it only takes one minute to put your shoes away, don’t let yourself set them down by the couch. The same goes for making the bed or hanging up your jacket. You’d be surprised how many items you’re adding to your to-do list that could be done habitually so they don’t add up to more overwhelming tasks.

While you’re stuck at home, make sure you have the Homeowners insurance coverage you need to keep you and your family protected. In the meantime, check out our insurance blog, where we cover everything from spring cleaning tips to prevent Home insurance claims to what you need to know about hobby farming insurance.

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