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Grange Insurance Association Named One of America’s Best Insurance Companies

We couldn’t be happier to announce that Forbes named us one of America’s Best Insurance Companies based on our Homeowners insurance line.

Best Insurance Companies: Methodology

Forbes and Statista worked together to survey a sample of over 16,000 US citizens across the country on over 4,200 insurance companies. Those surveyed were asked to rate the company from one to five based on the below criteria. We’ve broken down each category to show you what it entailed for the survey and what it means for us at Grange Insurance Association.


You want an insurance company that’s as committed to you as you are to them. This category focused on the likelihood of individuals staying with their carrier, even in the event of a price increase or increased insurance needs.

At Grange Insurance Association, our policyholders are our top priority, and we’ve found that our commitment to our customers is directly reflected in their commitment to us.

Financial Advice

Insurance gaps can wreak havoc on your finances. This category determines whether policy advantages and disadvantages were explained in detail and whether an analysis of an individual’s insurance needs was carried out.

We utilize independent insurance agents who live in the areas they serve. That way, they can get to know your needs and help you understand the unique risks associated with your area.

Customer Service

The customer service category measures the accessibility of advisors, whether or not the insurance company openly suggests better offers, and whether or not questions were answered competently and professionally.

In addition to our commitment to help find you the best insurance deals, GIA works hard to provide thorough, professional, and personalized information for all of our customers.

Price-Performance Ratio

This category measures an individual’s satisfaction with the price-performance ratio of their policy, as well as whether or not their insurance premiums remain stable.

Because we’re mutually owned, our goal isn’t to meet some high profit target, it’s to provide our members with insurance coverage at or near cost.


When it comes to the best insurance companies, transparency and trust are essential. That includes whether or not customers are clearly informed when policy terms change and how clearly the insurer informs their customers about benefits, costs, and fees.

The structure of our company means that customers and policyholders have a voice in our business decisions, but it also means that we’re committed to the highest level of transparency.

Damage / Benefit

This category measures satisfaction with the claims process, including how easy it is to submit a claim and how happy customers were with the claims process.

Our compassionate claims process recognizes that insurance claims often represent a very challenging time in someone’s life. That’s why we do everything in our power to provide reliable, knowledgeable, and compassionate claims service to all of our customers. Plus, our MyGrange app makes it easy to file a claim online!

Ready to work with one of America’s best insurance companies? Contact one of our independent insurance agents today to learn more about our insurance options.

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