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Do Farmers Need Equipment Breakdown Coverage?

Most farmers have equipment they have leased or purchased to help plant or harvest crops, raise livestock, or keep their produce fresh for transport and sale. When farm equipment breaks down, operations stall—or come to a halt entirely.

Consider this scenario, for example: You’re a dairy farmer. Your refrigeration system fails due to a mechanical breakdown. What’s the result? A loss of time, money, and potential profit. Sellable food gets spoiled, valuable time gets lost, and owners suffer the added expense of needing to repair or replace their refrigeration systems. These breakdowns can present huge setbacks to farmers—and ones that most standard farm insurance policies don’t safeguard against.

Your Silent Partner in Protection

Since most standard farm insurance policies don’t cover equipment and breakdowns, replacements must be paid out of pocket. As a farm owner or operator, Equipment Breakdown Coverage is your silent partner in protection, safeguarding against mechanical, electrical, and pressure system breakdowns.

So, What Type of Equipment Is Covered?

Equipment Breakdown Coverage offers the protection you need to get back on the ground running even when your essential equipment has failed. Typically, the following equipment is covered by this specialty coverage:

  • Automated watering and irrigation systems;
  • Computerized feeding systems;
  • Heating and cooling systems;
  • Power generators;
  • Milking equipment for dairy farms;
  • Refrigeration compressors;
  • Well pumps;
  • Conveyors; and
  • Circuit breaker panels.

For additional information about the value of Equipment Breakdown Coverage, we’ve put together a short video with NW Insurance Council, highlighting the value of adding this specialty coverage to your farm insurance policy:

Tailored to Your Farm’s Needs

Before adding Equipment Breakdown Coverage to your standard farm insurance policy, you can work with your local independent agent to customize the policy for the unique needs of your farm and operation.

Insuring Farms Since 1894

Grange Insurance Association has been insuring farms and ranches across the West since 1894. For additional details, explore our Farm, Ranch, & Hobby Farm Insurance along with our FarmPak Insurance options. Our local independent insurance agents understand your challenges, share your values, and can tailor a policy to meet the specific needs of your farm or operation. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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