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Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Personal Auto Credit and Support in our Communities

To our Personal Auto policyholders,

As the COVID-19 Pandemic has unfolded, Grange Insurance Association has taken a careful and thoughtful approach to helping our insurance policy customers, our employees and the Independent Agents representing us. This is certainly a challenging time but we are confident we will get through it by working together and helping each other to the best of our abilities.

As a Mutual Insurance Company, owned by our policyholders, we know that we have a duty to do our part in helping defeat this horrible virus. We have seen that in the six states where we write auto insurance that you are doing your part and staying home, creating the social distance that we must have at this time. Staying home has meant that there are fewer cars on the roads and highways resulting in fewer accidents than we would normally see for this time of year. This means that customers who have an active personal auto policy with us will be credited 5% of their premiums paid for two months.

The credit amount will be displayed as a total deduction on one upcoming billing statement and can be seen in your online account. The date the credit will be shown is subject to approval from your state’s department of insurance or insurance commissioner’s office.

Supporting the communities where we do business is also essential, helping your community deal with the impact of the pandemic is very important to us. As such, GIA is partnering with our reinsurer, Swiss RE, in making contributions to Direct Relief and Feeding America, Direct Relief is an organization which is working to get protective gear and critical care medications to as many health care workers as possible, as quickly as possible. They are making emergency deliveries every day to medical facilities all across our country. Feeding America is an organization which delivers food and supplies to local Food Banks to help people and families facing hunger or food insecurity in times of great need. Winston Churchill once said it so well, “…so much is owed by so many to so few, ” and that is certainly true of the people working in the health care and nonprofit sectors today, we owe them so much gratitude and are so proud to support them.

Our commitment to providing you with the best insurance coverage and best service has never wavered, we will continue to do all that we can to help you get through this challenging time. Thank you for being a Grange Insurance Association customer, we hope that you, your families and your friends can stay healthy and strong.


Steve Stogner
President & CEO
Grange Insurance Association

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