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Avoiding Liability Claims During Holiday Parties

With the holidays just around the corner, most of us are envisioning friends and family around the table, plenty of good food and lots of new memories. Unfortunately, what Americans will remember most from this season is the legal trouble they encountered. While many of us are in holiday spirit this winter, it’s a good time to review the importance of homeowner liability insurance. Everyone knows homeowners insurance is essential. What you may not know, however, is that laws in Washington, Oregon and California mean you could be in trouble long after someone leaves your home.

Take social host liability for example. While no one would ever encourage drunk driving, if one of your guests leaves your home and gets behind the wheel after having too much to drink, you could be held responsible if they harm a third party (including their passengers).

When you think about worst case scenarios, there are a number of ways things could unintentionally go wrong at an otherwise well-planned holiday party:

  • An intoxicated guest could sneak away and get behind the wheel.
  • Their designated driver could give in and hand over the keys.
  • They might even stop somewhere on the way home, become intoxicated and try to blame you when things go wrong.

Of course, problems could arise even without alcohol present. That’s why homeowner liability insurance is important no matter what. Here’s another example: do you own a dog? If it were to bite a guest, you could be held responsible. The same goes for someone slipping on the stairs, taking a spill on your floor and with a number other ways of injuring oneself in a slip and fall accident.

It doesn’t help that in states like Washington, Oregon and California, we have our fair share of weather that can make footing unsure, especially this time of year.

Don’t take chances with your holiday season. Speak to your independent Grange Insurance Association agent and put your mind at ease with homeowners or renters insurance that provides all the coverage you need.

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