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4 Things You Should Know about Car Maintenance for Fall Car Care Month

The Car Care Council deems October as Car Care Month, a time to reevaluate best practices to keep your car in peak performance, and improve your safety on the road. This month, we’re featuring four things to remember when it comes to car maintenance that will help you avoid financial strain, and keep your vehicle functional and safe.

1 – Schedule Routine Maintenance

Lack of routine maintenance is one of the leading causes of car failure, which can ultimately lead to expensive repairs and unsafe driving conditions. Routine replacement of oil, brake fluid, coolants, belts, and other vital components are essential preventative measures in keeping your vehicle operating at its best. Like going to the doctor for a routine checkup, routine maintenance helps you catch issues early on.

You can also use your vehicle's built-in signals as a guide. Most cars have indicator lights on the dashboard that tell you when something needs to be replaced. Often you can feel, see, or hear changes in your vehicle. For example, if you have to press your brake pedal to the floor in order to slow your vehicle, you may need new brake pads.

It’s also smart to anticipate and schedule routine maintenance. Take a look at the Car Care Council's checklist of monthly maintenance, and consider writing reminders for these three, six, nine, and twelve month suggested guidelines.

2-Pay Now to Save Later

While routine maintenance might seem like an added expense in the short-term, the cost is minimal compared to part or vehicle replacement. Consider budgeting for the cost of routine maintenance every year to ensure that you won’t run into costly car trouble later.

3- Plan for the Unexpected

Unfortunately, routine maintenance does not mean your vehicle is immune to auto accidents or part failure. However, you can be proactive and ease worries about the financial burden that a collision or part failure can precipitate by having a quality auto insurance policy.

4- Purchase the Insurance That Works for You and Your Family

Purchasing an auto insurance policy that meets your specific needs is vital. Grange Insurance Association car insurance offers coverage tailored to meet your needs.

It is important to understand what your policy covers. For example comp and collision provides you with trip interruption coverage should your vehicle encounter a mechanical or electrical breakdown. In this instance, your policy would cover up to $600 for meals and lodging expenses, or transportation to your destination

Adding towing and labor coverage is another great option as it covers costs in the event that you encounter trouble on the roadway.

By planning and paying for routine maintenance and planning for the unexpected with the right insurance options will provide peace of mind while on the road. This October, keep these tips in mind as you make plans for car maintenance and insurance purchases. Speak with a Grange Insurance Association agent about the best policy for you and your family.

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