Apply for Grange Insurance Association's 2016 Scholarships

Nov 02 2015
Grange Insurance Association is happy announce this year’s application session for our annual academic scholarships. We are proud to be able to provide academic scholarships to students attending an accredited institution of higher education. Any institution offering courses that lead to a certificate or degree in a recognized profession, such as community college, business college, state or private four-year institutions, and technical institutes, are eligible.

4 Things You Should Know about Car Maintenance for Fall Car Care Month

Oct 27 2015
The Car Care Council deems October as Car Care Month, a time to reevaluate best practices to keep your car in peak performance, and improve your safety on the road. This month, we’re featuring four things to remember when it comes to car maintenance that will help you avoid financial strain, and keep your vehicle functional and safe.

Specialized Farm and Ranch Insurance Packages

Oct 09 2015
Historically, Grange Insurance Association was founded with farm and ranch insurance and our company’s roots are well established in traditional agricultural values. Today, we cover a wide range of farming operations and provide flexibility for varying stages of insurance coverage.

Simplify Your Life With Insurance Bundles

Aug 04 2015
The first week of August is National Simplify Your Life Week, and so we thought it appropriate to contemplate how your life can be made easier when it comes to our area of expertise: insurance.

Our Agents Answer: What You Really Need to Know about Insurance

Jul 13 2015
From the intense public debates around the Affordable Care Act to the bevvy of natural disaster insurance claims that were filed after hurricanes Sandy and Katrina, the necessity of a quality insurance company has become more and more salient over the years.

How Much Should You Pay for Renter's Insurance and How Much Should it Cover?

May 28 2015
Whether you have been asked by your landlord to obtain renter's insurance or are independently obtaining a policy to protect yourself against liability, there are a few questions you’re probably asking yourself: What is renter's insurance? How much is renter's insurance, and how does it differ from owner's or condominium insurance?

Grange Insurance Association Awards Over $35,000 to 2015 Scholarship Recipients

Apr 27 2015
As part of our ongoing efforts to engage with and serve the communities that we work in, Grange Insurance Association is proud to award deserving students over a total of $33,500 in scholarship funds this year, along with $2,000 from private donors. Our scholarship fund dates back to 1965 and we continue to award scholarships as an investment in our communities’ futures. We congratulate this year’s winners on their academic success and wish them the best as they move on to their college or vocational program of choice.

Types of Insurance Policies: Coverage for Farms, Families, and Individuals

Apr 15 2015
As we get older, our lives expand to include additional cars, family members, hobbies, or even homes to the picture. When it comes to protecting things that matter most to us—our family's safety, our personal assets, our businesses, and farms—the very best tool we have is thoughtful and principle-based insurance.

Interview Series: Coverage for Farms, Families and Individuals

Apr 08 2015
Since 1894, Grange Insurance Association has been committed to protecting assets for those in Oregon, Washington, California, Colorado, Wyoming, and Idaho. We live in and know the communities we serve and prioritize providing customized support for our policyholders. Our independent agents can help you select a policy that best suits your needs, whether that be farm insurance or homeowner’s insurance.

Grange Insurance Association's "Excellent" Rating from A.M. Best

Mar 15 2015
For insurance companies to operate at an optimal level, they must be financially sound and able to back the policies their agents write on a daily basis. Consumers can check up on the health of their insurance provider by assessing their insurance company’s rating with a credit agency.



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