Rocky Mountain Fire & Casualty Rebrands as Granwest Property & Casualty™

Mar 30 2016

Rocky Mountain Fire & Casualty, a subsidiary of Grange Insurance Association (GIA), is undergoing a rebrand and will now be known as Granwest Property & Casualty™. Rocky Mountain Fire & Casualty was established in 1959 and is based out of Seattle, Washington.

The rebrand will accommodate new and expanding lines of business, like Auto 2.0, GIA’s new auto program. The name ‘Granwest’ underwent careful consideration across the company and has passed a legal trademark screening.

Vice President of Marketing Steve Stogner and his team ensured the name worked with the core values and agricultural roots of the GIA master brand, while still encompassing a sense of exploration and forward movement as GIA continues to expand.

To learn more about the rebrand, view our latest press release, Rocky Mountain Fire & Casualty Becomes Granwest™ Property & Casualty.


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