Interview Series: Coverage for Farms, Families and Individuals

Apr 08 2015

Since 1894, Grange Insurance Association has been committed to protecting assets for those in Oregon, Washington, California, Colorado, Wyoming, and Idaho. We live in and know the communities we serve and prioritize providing customized support for our policyholders. Our independent agents can help you select a policy that best suits your needs, whether that be farm insurance or homeowner’s insurance.

Regardless of the type of coverage desired, our independent agents will guide you through the process of selecting a policy that best fits your specific needs. In this blog, agents explain what policy-seekers can expect when selecting a policy with Grange Insurance Association in 2015.

What might a first meeting with an agent look like?
We ask our farmers and ranchers a series of questions regarding their farm operations, buildings, and usage to assess their needs.  We like to have a rough quote, usually comparing their current insurance policy with a comparable Grange Insurance Association quote, in hand when we go to their home and meet with them.

Kristi Roots

Kristi Roots Insurance Services, Inc.


How does Grange Insurance Association differ from other insurance providers in their approach?
I always take it upon myself to provide some history of GIA because few prospects realize that this company is much older than most other farm carriers. I make sure they understand that insuring with a fraternal mutual company gives them an ownership interest in this company and a voting interest in its direction.

Michael Holwegner
Holwegner Insurance Agency

When handling a claim with Grange, what can policyholders expect?

 Communication is the key when handling claims.  Adjusters need to be sure they communicate everything with the insured as timely as possible.  Even if they don’t have an answer to a question, [they] call the insured back when they were promised a return call.  Grange does a good job at handling these situations, so I would give them high marks.


Casey Haden
Libke Insurance Associates, Inc.

Keep checking our blog to receive updates and tips on how to choose farm insurance and other frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions for our independent insurance agents, check out the last post in our Interview Series: Commonly Asked Questions from Our Farm Agents.


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